Turkish Industrialists Call for Broader Cooperation with Iran Khodro


TEHRAN, Iran - Ibrahim Hattat, the Vice Chairman of Turkish Hattat Holding, in a visit to Iranian carmaker Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) said, "IKCO's high level of technology and capabilities as well as the good neighborliness between the two countries has provided suitable opportunities for the joint investment between IKCO and Turkish Industrialists."

"Car parts and components including main safety accessories like brake systems would be another field of cooperation for the two countries", Hattat said and added, "we are interested in IKCO's technology in these fields."

IKCO has so far exported about 2000 cars to Turkey and runs some 40 distributors and after-sales service centers in that country. Turkey has recently called for IKCO new products like Soren and Runna in that market.