The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

ULYANOVSK, Russia - In 2011, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is celebrating its 70th birthday. During this period, the plant has become a legendary producer of Russian SUVs and off-road vehicles considered indispensable in many countries, where roads are not always paved with asphalt.

In these 70 years, UAZ has produced more than 4,000,000 vehicles of over 100 versions and exported them in 100 countries. During this anniversary year, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant expects to organize a number of activities that will demonstrate to its customers, owners of UAZ and the media what is the plant today and what are the goals that it needs yet to achieve.

The history of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant began in 1941 when ZIS Moscow Automobile Plant was evacuated to the city of Ulyanovsk. 70 years ago UAZ was producing munitions and aerial bombs. However, in February 1942, the factory employees who worked at the beginning in the open air have sent to the World War II battlefront their first modest but reliable vehicles ZIS-5. Overall during World War II, UAZ supplied to the battlefront more than 7000 vehicles and 20,000 engines.

UAZ-469, which was specifically commissioned by the armed forces but has also become indispensable in its civilian version, was a real legend among the Russian off-road vehicles. The first UAZ-469 came out of assembly line on December 15, 1972. In thirty years, UAZ produced more than 2 million cars of this model's different versions. UAZ-469 is famous by its victories and achievements. In August 1974, it reached the vicinity of the Mt. Elbrus, moving upward under its own power to the height of 4,200 meters above the sea level while testing its capabilities to operate at high altitudes. In 1975, the off-road vehicle from Ulyanovsk was the first car in its class that took part in the rally across Sahara Desert, and in 1979 it conquered the Karakum Desert. Many times, UAZ-469 brought the victory to its crews on sports routes.

In 2010, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the World War II, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produced a limited batch of the new version for its popular UAZ-469 model. This legendary off-road vehicle marked its new history by a world record of passenger capacity - the car accommodated 32 people. In 1980, specifically for the armed forces, UAZ created amphibious vehicle UAZ-3907 Jaguar. With its two rowing bridges, installed in front of the rear axle, this car had an excellent maneuverability afloat and sufficiently high speed.

The work as part of the SOLLERS team became a new reference point in the development of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. This event heralded modernization of its production facilities and the start of the gradual extension in the off-road vehicles model line.

Today, UAZ product line includes more than 10 models and about a hundred of their different versions, among them such flagships as UAZ Patriot, UAZ Pickup and UAZ Hunter.

The last 5 years have seen the upgrading of assembly shop and launching of the up-to-date Eisennman painting facility. Since January 2009, all UAZ products meet environmental Euro 3 standard, and in 2010, UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup cars with a ZMZ gasoline engine were successfully certified in Italy for compliance with Euro 4 emission standard. Last year, UAZ also started producing off-road vehicles with the dual fuel system (gas/petrol).

In January 2011, UAZ announced the extension of new cars warranty period to 3 years. Such decision was made possible by a combination of measures aimed at improving quality control at every stage of production. As a result of innovative solutions implemented in 2007, the number of claims for replacement related to UAZ Patriot cars family was reduced by one half.
UAZ dealer network across Russia includes about 100 authorized dealerships.

In 2011, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant expects to produce 57,000 vehicles. To honor its upcoming 70th birthday, UAZ designed a special anniversary logo. A ribbon-like figure "70" over the rapid stroke, that divides the composition into two parts, emphasizes development and progress.

Premier Russian off-roader specialist has come a long way during the past seven decades