Škoda Gains One Quarter in the First Two Months of 2011

Škoda Gains One Quarter in the First Two Months of 2011

MLADA BOLESLAV, Czech Republic - With a plus of 24.6 percent, Škoda has increased its sales by almost one quarter in the first two months of 2011, compared to the previous year. In total, the Czech automobile manufacturer delivered 132,100 vehicles to customers throughout the world in the months of January and February (Jan/Feb 2010: 106,000).

After a strong first month, sales remained on a high level in February as well, with 63,800 units and surpassing the previous year’s February by 22.8 percent. The company recorded high gains in all relevant markets. Primarily in the growth regions of China, India, and Russia, the dynamic sales development of last year continued unabatedly. With regard to models, the Superb Combi (plus 120.2 percent), Fabia Combi (plus 36.8 percent), and the Yeti (plus 36.7 percent) demonstrated highly dynamic growth.

“Škoda has gotten off to a running start and, in the first two months, has created the basis for solid growth in 2011. Particularly in the international growth markets, we are on a good path. For example, we more than doubled our sales in Russia in February,” explained Jürgen Stackmann, the Škoda board member for sales and marketing. “The company has a lot of plans for the next years und wants to at least double its sales until the year 2018. This custom-made start into the year is the right motivation. We gain additional tailwind from the fact that our customers recognize our optimistic mood and have also responded positively to our new corporate appearance and the new logo.”

Škoda continued to demonstrate great strength on its home market of the Czech Republic. Here, the company was able to achieve an upgrading of its leadership position, now with a market share of 37.2 percent. Sales increased 8.4 percent to 4,800 units. By far the top-selling model was the Octavia Combi, which accelerated 88.1 percent compared to the previous year, selling 1,200 units and clearly leading the vehicle registration statistics of the Czech Republic. The Superb Combi and the Roomster also enjoy a growing popularity in the Czech Republic, with increases of 59.9 percent and 15.5 percent, respectively.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the company also achieved high growth rates in February. In Hungary, sales rose 47.0 percent, in Poland 3.9 percent.

The Western European market developed very positively too. Overall, Škoda sold 27,500 vehicles in Western Europe in February, corresponding to an increase of 15.6 percent compared to the previous year (February 2010: 23,800 units). In the Netherlands, the brand rose 140.4 percent, in Belgium 81.5 percent. Sales in Sweden grew 63.6 percent, in Austria 31 percent.

In the dynamic growth markets, Škoda again grew at double-digit rates, in Russia even at triple-digit rates. In China, the largest foreign market of Škoda, sales rose 20 percent to 14,400 units. In Russia, the company was able to more than double its sales. 4,500 units mean an increase of 105.8 percent compared to the same month in the previous year (February 2010: 2,200 vehicles). The models most in demand on the Russian market were the Octavia (plus 150.5 percent) and the Fabia (plus 170.8 percent). In India, Škoda grew significantly faster than the overall market, namely at a rate of 50.8 percent, selling 2,400 vehicles.

Other individual markets also developed very positively in February: Turkey stood out with a growth rate of 290.4 percent, Israel with 55.8 percent, and Australia with 27.1 percent.

Deliveries to customers in February 2011 (Škoda models compared to February 2010):
Octavia (27,300 vehicles / plus 18.0 percent), Fabia (19,300 vehicles / plus 35.7 percent), Superb (8,500 vehicles / plus 40.4 percent), Yeti (4,800 vehicles / plus 36.7 percent), Roomster (2,700 vehicles / plus 18.7 percent), Octavia Tour (1,100 vehicles / minus 58.3 percent).

Škoda continues to grow in 2011