Romania to support alternative energy vehicles

Romania to support alternative energy vehicles

BUCHAREST, Romania - At a government session yesterday the Government of Romania approved a new initiative by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, which will result in the extension of "Rabla", the local cash-for-clunkers program.

This new act aims to promote and stimulate the market for clean and energy efficient vehicles. To that end it will grant individuals or legal entities a subvention of 20 pc of the car price on purchasing an electric car, but within a maximum EUR 3,700. For hybrid cars, state funding will correspond to 10 pc of the price, but within a maximum EUR 1,800. Laszlo Borbely, the Environment Minister added that individuals or legal entities who take part in the “Rabla” used cars scrapping program would receive four vouchers to purchase an electric car and, respectively, two vouchers to purchase a hybrid one.

Romanian government accepts new subsidy program as part of the car scrapping scheme