New car market in Ukraine: November, 2012

New car market in Ukraine: November, 2012

According to data released by the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Ā«UkrautopromĀ» through AutoConsulting agency, there were 19.418 new vehicles sold in Ukraine during November.

The new passenger car market saw sales of 18.179 units.
Top 12 brands:
Hyundai: 1.712 units
ZAZ: 1.425 units
AvtoVAZ: 1.415 units
Volkswagen: 1.394 units
Renault: 1.361 units
Kia: 1.221 units
Toyota: 1.189 units
Nissan: 1.071 units
Skoda: 1.069 units
Ford: 794 units
Chevrolet: 565 units
Mitsubishi: 441 units

The new LCV market saw sales of 1.239 units.
Top 10 brands:
Fiat: 289 units
Volkswagen: 183 units
GAZ: 168 units
Ford: 128 units
Renault: 127 units
UAZ: 76 units
Citroen: 50 units
ZAZ: 46 units
Peugeot: 41 units
Mercedes-Benz 35 units

Courtesy of AutoConsulting

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18.179 new passenger cars and 1.239 LCVs were sold locally in November