New car market in Russia: December, 2023 figures are released

New car market in Russia: December, 2023 figures are released

According to the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, based on data from automakers and official importers, sales in January - December 2023 increased by 36,3% or 249,711 units compared to 2022 and amounted to 937,081 cars.

At the same time, according to information provided by PPC JSC (Passport Industrial Consulting) on sales of new vehicles based on data on their transfer to owners, December 2023 was marked by an increase in sales by 84,6%, or by 59,083 units compared to December 2022, and amounted to 128,930 cars. In the year 2023 the market grew by 57,8% and amounted to 1,127,856 units.

Top 10 brands in 2023 (data submitted by the AEB):
Lada: 352,572 units
Haval: 118,826 units
Chery: 118,0755 units
Geely: 84,019 units
GAZ*: 56,077 units
Omoda: 44,909 units
Exeed: 43,071 units
UAZ*: 37,412 units
Tank: 13,941 units
FAW: 1,196 units
Kia: 12,005 units

*LCV sales are included into total brand's sales.

Detailed press release is available on the AEBRus website.

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According to a recent report by PPC JSC, there were 128,930 new passenger cars and LCVs sold in Russia in December 2023