Johnson Controls Expands Its Metals and Mechanisms Car Seat Plant in Hungary

Johnson Controls Expands Its Metals and Mechanisms Car Seat Plant in Hungary

The European Union and the Hungarian government supported Jonson Controls’ investment with HUF378 million (approximately €1.325 million) from their tender in support of complex technological innovation and employment. In the last two years, Johnson Controls has created around 200 new jobs in its Mezőlak facility and increased the number of employees there to more than 600. The plant will create an additional 50 jobs in the next six months.

The Mezőlak plant manufactures metals and mechanisms for car seats such as height adjusters, latches and recliners. The plant’s new building offers 1500 m2 space for a new height adjuster and recliner production line, 1500 m2 of storage space and 400 m2 of additional space.

Johnson Controls has significantly grown its activities in Hungary´s Pápa region since it started operations there in 2007 with approximately 270 employees. In 2010, the company acquired the Seton automotive plant in Pápa, which employs approximately 950 today. The plant manufactures leather-wrapped car interior components such as floor consoles, instrument panels and door panels.

Johnson Controls´ plant in Mór produces metal structures and mechanisms for car seats. In the spring, the company opened a new seat assembly plant in Kecskemét that supplies complete car seat systems on a just-in-time basis for the new Mercedes B-Class.

Johnson Controls now employs more than 2,500 people in its four Hungarian plants.

Johnson Controls' plant in Mezőlak has been continuously growing since it was acquired in 2007 from Lander Group