Hyundai Supplier Park Opens in Russia

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Seven of Hyundai's strategic South- Korean suppliers have opened a RUB5.872 billion (approx. €145 million) on a 24ha site in the Levashovo Industrial Park, St. Petersburg, to produce a wide range of car components primarily for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Russia (HMMR).

The supplier cluster, currently employing about 1,300 workers, will launch mass production in a month. Annual capacity of the facilities settled in Levashovo is 150 thousand components and modules, while output could be expanded to 200 thousand units by 2012.

Companies involved in the project include:

  • Sungwoo Hitech Rus (subframes and other structural metal components, Front-End Module assembly)
  • SeJong Rus (exhaust systems)
  • NVH Rus (interior trim components, headliners and door trim panels)
  • DooWon Rus (heating and HVAC systems)
  • Daewon Rus (seating systems)
  • DongHee Rus (PU fuel tanks, pedal modules, suspension components, engine mounts)
  • ShinYoung Rus (body parts)