Grupo Antolin Expands its Operations in the Czech Republic

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic - Grupo Antolin, a Spanish supplier of interior trim components and mechanisms, plans to expand its existing headliner manufacturing plant in Ostrava in northwestern Czech Republic, and increase the number of its employees from current 130 to 200 by mid-2011.

Local subsidiary Grupo Antolin Ostrava s.r.o., which produces parts mainly for the adjacent Hyundai and nearby Kia car plants, will rent an additional 10,000 m2 area in the Ostrava-Hrabova Industrial Zone.

The company operates two other manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, one in Chrastava and another in Turnov. Production from the Chrastava plant is said to be transferred to Liberec, just 7 kilometers far from Chrastava, in next summer. The decision was made to avoid further loss of production caused by the flooding of the Nisa river, which forced the Chrastava facility to suspend operations for a week in August. A small cutting boards production hall, employing 16 people, will stay in Chrastava until 2012, as it is situated higher than other parts of the factory.