E.ON Builds Electric Charging Station Network in Hungary

E.ON Builds Electric Charging Station Network in Hungary

The company is taking tourism into consideration as one of the factors involved in building the network. Since the several hours it takes to charge e-cars can provide an ideal opportunity for travelers to do a little sightseeing, E.ON’s project will provide a boost to local catering services and tourism. E.ON will be working closely with local governments in carrying out the program.

The first step in E.ON’s New Ways of Energy program was the opening of E.ON’s first electric charging point in Hungary, which Kempinski Hotel Corvinus has asked the company to provide. There are two fast-charging points, which can charge an electric car in an hour and a half, in front of the hotel and three slow-charging points in the garage.

E.ON is taking the lead by putting electric vehicles to work in its own vehicle fleet in order to provide an example for other companies in promoting eco-friendly technology.

E.ON is planning to begin the installation of electric charging stations along the road between Budapest and Vienna this year