Audi Hungaria: Hungary’s “Most Attractive Company”

Audi Hungaria: Hungary’s “Most Attractive Company”

BUDAPEST, Hungary - Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. has been voted the “Most Attractive Company” for what is now the third time. This is the result of a survey carried out in Hungary by specialist HR consultants Aon Hewitt and the international student organization AIESEC. The outcome reflects the opinion of 33,000 people surveyed, including 8,000 graduates from 25 Hungarian universities.

“The focus is on the individual at Audi and at its subsidiaries. Audi Hungaria is an excellent example: This recognition by Aon Hewitt and AIESEC confirms for the third time that the company’s purposeful and sustainable HR strategy is the right one,” says Thomas Sigi, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources at AUDI AG. And Richárd Rozman, Audi Hungaria's Director of Human Resources, emphasizes: “We not only offer an innovative working environment and a secure job but also competitive pay and good opportunities for professional advancement.”

As part of the employer reputation analysis, both experienced employees and newcomers were surveyed about their criteria when looking for jobs. The result of the survey: The most highly rated factors are attractiveness, competitiveness, pay and development opportunities inside the company. The employer survey assesses 19 branches of industry and more than 230 Hungarian companies.

The prize for the “Most Attractive Company” was received by Éva Szigeti, Head of Personnel Marketing and Strategic University Cooperation at Audi Hungaria, at Corvinus University in Budapest. “We are delighted to receive this award, above all because we will be taking on 1,800 new employees at Audi Hungaria in the course of the plant expansion in the next few years, including at least 300 academics,” says Szigeti.

The ranking of KarrierStart companies was also established as part of the employer reputation analysis, assessing the occupational interests of those at the start of their working lives as well as the corporate values in terms of remuneration, career opportunities and additional benefits for newcomers to the world of work. And in this ranking Audi Hungaria took first place in the logistics category too.

Audi Hungaria places great importance on the promotion of new talent. Talented students can get to know the company as interns, while writing their degree theses or at job fairs. Audi Hungaria also maintains a strategic partnership with István Széchenyi University in Győr, as well as Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The Audi Hungaria Chair for Internal Combustion Engines was established in 2007. Its objective is to convey specific engineering knowledge to the students by means of the latest trends, and in this way to acquire talented new staff for the company.

Last year AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. hired more than 500 new employees, including 150 academics. At the end of the fiscal year the company employed a workforce of 6,138 people. “Audi Hungaria still has a great need for engineers and academics with good German language skills. There is particular demand for mechanical and electrical engineers,” says Rozman.

A new survey finds Audi as the most favorable work place in Hungary